MMS / CDS - True Healing from Within?

Is CLO2 (Chlorine Dioxide) the cure to dis-ease in the body?


Article by Karen Richardson

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No More Disease?

If someone showed you something that could eradicate all dis-ease that allowed the body to cure itself, you'd probably think they were crazy. Surely if such a thing existed, it would be available everywhere and all the doctors would be recommending it..... Or would they?

Unfortunately, these health protocols are hidden from the public because they would bring an end to the pharmaceutical giants, who, remember, only make money if you're sick!

So does such a thing exist? In my opinion it does, but I'll let you form your own opinion. Please read on....

A Miracle?

On my quest into true health, a friend introduced me to CDS (Chlorine Dioxide Solution). This solution has been developed by Andreas Kalcker and is a progression of MMS the Miracle Mineral Solution originally discovered by Jim Humble.

It's one thing to be shown a 'miracle' health protocol, but I like to properly research and understand what these protocols do for you, how they work, and some background on them.

As I am not a medical professional, I cannot recommend that you take any kind of health protocol, but I can certainly recommend that you do some research yourself and I am happy to point you in the right direction, please read on.

On my health journey I have learned that dis-ease is primarily caused by two things - toxicity and acidity of the body's cells. What makes this substance so incredibly effective is that it uses OXYGEN to detoxify and simultaneously alkalise your body. This process allows the cells in your body to heal themselves and restore your natural equilibrium of health.

What is MMS / CDS?

Let me share with you the story of MMS discovered by Jim Humble in this beautiful 30 minute film made by Sacha Stone. (Be sure to bookmark this page if you need to come back to this later.)

Now you have met Jim, who I think we can agree is a very humble soul. His story and all the subsequent testimonials are nothing short of miraculous.

Now I'd like to introduce you to Andreas Kalcker, who has passionately worked alongside Jim, and refined the MMS to create CDS which is just as effective but a little easier on our systems. (This is the one I am taking).

In this fascinating interview with Andreas, he covers more of the science involved with CLO2 (Chlorine Dioxide) and how it works.

I was blown away at how CLO2 uses oxygen to literally "burn" any pathogens (including viruses, bad bacteria, parasites, etc) in the body. (I can assure you, that you do not experience any burning sensations though.)

To help you to understand, here is a quote from Andreas' book Forbidden Health

The minute we are born, we start breathing and filling our lungs with the most abundant oxidant in the world: oxygen (O2 )! Oxygen allows us to survive on our own and is vital to our lives. For starters, we fill the red blood cells in our lungs with oxygen, eliminating the “polluting” CO2 through exhalation. We are just doing the same thing a combustion engine does, only more efficiently. Aside from taking in oxygen and eliminating CO2 , we also alkalinize the body with every breath we take.

I highly recommend purchasing a copy of Andreas Kalcker's Book "Forbidden Health" (Click Here) to get a full understanding of how this incredible solution works along with other forbidden "cures" hidden from society.

How do I make CLO2?

In this Video, Andreas walks you through the process of making CDS. CDS is the Chlorine Dioxide gas dissolved into water. I can assure you it is a simple process, but it's important to pay attention to how it is made.

My Personal Experience with CDS

I chose to take CDS as more of a preventative health protocol to regularly detox and alkalise my cells. I decided to do a basic protocol which is 10ml of CDS solution in 1 litre of filtered water. Basicially you sip it over a period of 8 hours (I take a couple of glugs every hour).

I figured my first couple of days would possibly cause some discomfort as I have 47 years worth of toxic build up, and I was right, I got very fatigued and on day two a banging headache (pretty typical detox responses) by day 3 I felt fine, in fact I felt more energetic!

I don't have any health issues (that I'm aware of), but my husband is ex forces and has PTSD. He has needed medication to help him deal with stress, and we have tried numerous health foods and supplements in the past to help him get off the anti depressants and none have worked.

I did wonder if perhaps there was some toxicity causing a chemical imbalance, and figured the CDS might help him. To date he is off of his medication, and feeling good! For us - this is huge.

Food and Drinks to Avoid When taking CDS

  • While on the CDS, it is best to plan your meals around your dosing. Space out the CDS doses and meals by 20 to 30 minutes from the time you take your dose. For example, if you take your CDS dose at 8:00 am, breakfast could be at 8:20-8:30 am, and your next dose at 9:00 am.  Likewise if you take a dose at 12 noon, lunch could be at 12:30 pm and so on.
  • When taking MMS or CDS avoid alcohol, chocolate, coffee, decaffeinated coffee, caffeinated drinks, tea (black, green and many herbal teas) milk, coconut water, orange juice, tangerine juice or any drinks with added Vitamin C (ascorbic acid).
  • Do not take foods or supplements that are particularly high in antioxidants such as Moringa, as these things cancel out the effectiveness of MMS or CDS. This is not to say you cannot have any of these foods if you are taking MMS or CDS. However when on a particular protocol it is better to wait until you finish your doses for the day before consuming the above items, or take them first thing in the morning, then wait two hours before starting MMS dosing. Space them out by at least two hours after your last daily dose, or two hours before starting your daily dosing.

Further Resources

I encourage you to go the MMS forum to read more testimonials for an array of dis-ease. (You can visit it here)

I highly, highly recommend buying Andreas Kalcker's book Forbidden Health.

In addition I will put a few more resources at the bottom of this post, including a European supplier of the solutions you need to make your own CDS.

Website to Buy in Europe (if anyone has shopping sites for the US - please do let me know, and I'll be happy to add)


I am not a medical professional, I am not recommending you take CDS or MMS, I am simply sharing my own experiences and research. I do however recommend you do your own research and draw your own conclusions as to whether this may help you.

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