• Buy a Healy

    Just a few simple instruction to walk you through the website to buy.

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    1. After you have selected your location below, you should see my referral number pop up.


    Please ensure the box shows my Partner number: 0188-4234-5434


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    2. Go to the Shop tab at top of page

    Once you are in the shop you will see all the Healy Models available and any special offers available.


    The website has recently been updated and it can be glitchy. If the site seems to stall while trying to click a link, use the right click instead and open the page into a new tab.


    Thank you for buying a Healy from my shop. Healy's can only be bought through Independent Partners, and every Healy purchased through my shop supports my family.


    Karen xx

  • 3. Choose Your Shop Region Below