• Healy Holistic Edition

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    Healy Holistic Health is a bestseller. In addition to all the functions of Healy Gold, this version contains the most frequently used programs that meet various needs.


    Ideal for personal use as well as for the treatment of family and friends.


    The Healy Holistic Edition includes the Healy device with the Healy App and offers the following program groups, programs and modules:

    • Gold Cycle
    • Bioenergetic Support
    • Mental Balance
    • Meridians 1 & 2
    • Chronic Pain Program
    • HealAdvisor Search Module

    Please visit the programs page here to understand what they do.


    The Healy Holistic Health model costs approximately £914 inc VAT

    (when you SHOP and ORDER your Healy this amount will adjust to your local currency)!

    Please note that the final cost will vary slightly due to different tax rates.