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    Healy for Animals

    Everything you need to know for your beloved companion.

  • Our pets are not just animals to us; they are our loyal companions and beloved friends. We always want to provide them with the best care and ensure they lead a life filled with love and happiness. Recognizing the special bond between you and your pet, Healy World has introduced the groundbreaking HealAdvisor Animal Module. This innovative solution harnesses the power of microcurrent frequency application, providing a dedicated program group with 12 Individualized Microcurrent Frequency (IMF) programs specially designed for animals.


    Microcurrent frequency application has been successfully used on animals, including horses, dogs, and cats, for many years. This tried and tested method is supported by experts and professionals in veterinary medicine and animal physiotherapy. Now, you can leverage the potential of microcurrent frequencies to support your pet's optimal wellbeing.

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    The Perfect Match - Healy & Your Pet


    Healy targets your pet's specific needs and provides highly tailored recommendations. Your pet receives the benefits of microcurrent frequency healing via a simple application fo programs with the animal kit.

  • Effects of Microcurrent on Your Pet's Wellbeing


    According to an animal study by Ngok Cheng et al., microcurrent frequency application has shown positive effects on an animal's state of wellbeing. By addressing bioenergetic imbalances before they escalate into discomfort, you can ensure your pet remains happy and healthy.


    • Increased amino acid transport by 40%

    Amino Acids are the building blockthat form proteins during the process of protein synthesis.


    • Increased protein synthesis by 70%

    Protein synthesis is te process by which cells make proteins, creating physical life from the central DNA blueprint in each cell.


    • Increased ATP production by 500%

    ATP (adenosine triphosphate) stores energy in the cells, like gasoline in a cars tank. It is produced by mitochondria the cell's power house.


    The HealAdvisor Animal Module - Maximum Impact for Your Pet

    Empower yourself to support your pet like never before with the HealAdvisor Animal Module. This comprehensive solution allows you to:


    • Utilize the benefits of 12 Healy IMF programs designed specifically for animals.
    • Easily find the right program for your pets with the HealAdvisor Animal Search, featuring over 300 unique search terms.
    • Access up-to-date databases through the HealAdvisor Cloud, backed by the latest knowledge and research from our experts.
    • Receive a personalized two-week IMF program schedule tailored to your pet's wellbeing.
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  • The Animal Kit - Tools for Seamless Application 

    The Animal Kit includes silicone electrodes inserted into moistened applicator sponges, which are then attached to your pet and secured with elastic straps or belts. This comfortable and safe application method is suitable for a wide variety of animals.

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    The Healy Animal Study - Proof of Effectiveness

    In a study on the HealAdvisor Animal Module, pet owners assessed their pets' wellbeing before and after applying the Animal programs.


    Within just two weeks, there was an average 19% increase in pet wellbeing. Moreover, conditions such as hormonal issues, eating behavior, mobility, aggression, and more improved by an average of 82% after two weeks of IMF application. The study revealed a large effect size for increased wellbeing and individual goal attainment.


    With Healy for Animals and the HealAdvisor Animal Module, you can take your pet's wellbeing to new heights. Embrace the power of microcurrent frequency application and provide your beloved furry friend with the care they truly deserve. Experience the joy of seeing your pet thrive with Healy's holistic approach to animal care.


    To download the Healy Animal Module Brochure on PDF click here

  • Buy Healy Animal

    In order to purchase, you must first choose a Healy package and then add on the animal kit and animal heal advisor programs.