• Healy Professional Edition

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    Healy Professional Edition includes the Healy device with the Healy App and offers the following program groups, programs and modules:


    Program groups
    Gold Cycle
    Bioenergetic Support
    Expert Program page
    Bioenergetic Harmony 1
    Bioenergetic Harmony 2
    Mental Balance
    Meridians 1
    Meridians 2
    Local Stimulation (also contains Program I)
    The Power of Three
    Deep Cycle
    Bioenergetic Defence


    HealAdvisor Modules
    HealAdvisor Search Module
    HealAdvisor Digital Nutrition
    HealAdvisor Bioenergetic Vitalisation Module


    HealAdvisor Analyse Modules
    HealAdvisor Analyse Resonance Module
    HealAdvisor Analyse Aura Module
    HealAdvisor Analyse Success Coach Module


    Additional program groups and modules can also be subscribed to.


    Please visit the programs page here to understand what they do.


    To discover how incredible the resonance is, please watch the video below.


    The Professional Edition costs £3640 inc VAT

    (when you SHOP and ORDER your Healy this amount will adjust to your local currency)!

    Please note that the final cost will vary slightly due to different tax rates.

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