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    The Spooky2 Rife Machine

    For those of you new to frequency healing, many years ago, a man named Dr Royal Raymond Rife discovered that everything has a resonant frequency and as such can be destroyed with frequency.


    Rife discovered 60 frequencies in his time destroying the most problematic diseases of his day, including cancers, bubonic plague, typhoid etc... Since then, many clever scientists have discovered thousands more frequencies for destroying a whole array of pathogens using Rife technology.


    To understand better how frequency healing works, please watch this video.


    Highly simplified, but in a nutshell, pathogens vibrate at a certain frequencies. Identify that frequency, and you can create a resonant frequency that can destroy the unwanted pathogen.


    It's rather cheesy name aside, I chose to work with Spooky2 Rife machines because without a doubt you get a lot for your money.


    The thing I love most about these wonderful machines is the "Remote" setting. The guys at Spooky2 have figured out how to take your DNA blueprint from a fingernail and be able to send you the frequencies remotely. this means you could be in the next room or half way around the world to receive the frequencies.


    They offer frequencies from cancer to chakra balancing, from abundance to headaches (to name a couple, there are thousands available). The frequency database is regularly updated as new frequencies are discovered.


    They have several packages available to suit all budgets and my personal experience of working with Spooky2 has been first class.


    There is fantastic support available, including forums and direct contact. the delivery is fast and efficient and the machines are high quality for a reasonable cost.


    I will say though if you are a technophobe, there is a lot to get your head around, but if you are prepared for a learning curve, then they are fabulous frequency healing machines.