• Own a Tesla Violet Ray Machine

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  • Every hospital on the planet used to have Tesla derived frequency devices to heal everything.    They have now been written out of history….

    The Violet Ray floods the ailing area of your body with oxygen, stimulating pain relief, healing and better sleep. It helps reactivate your cells ability to heal and restore balance.


    Within a few minutes of application many report positive effects, from instant pain relief, return of eyesight, hair regrowth, restored feeling in nerve damaged areas etc.


    The Violet Ray is powered with a Tesla Coil. While newer versions of these devices exist, they do not utilise the original Tesla Coil Technology that provide the highest frequencies.


    That is why I have opted to use a reconditioned original. Similar to that shown in the picture. This device used to be found in hospitals, pharmacies, dentists, hairdressers and beauty parlours. However, the success of such a device was not appreciated by the pharmaceutical giants and many of these devices were seized by the FDA and destroyed.


    For a deeper understanding of this machine, please download the free Violet Ray book.

    Own a piece of History and buy a Reconditioned Tesla Violet Ray

    Sadly many of these beautiful healing machines were destroyed and eradicated from use. The ones that are found need reconditioning and upgrading to to operate at a safe standard.


    Fortunately, my Dad is a mechanical and electrical engineer, and able to restore these machines to a safe and usable standard.


    Depending on the standard of the machine and the costs involved in recovating them, these are available from £800 to £5000.


    Sometimes we need to source these machines, so there is a waiting list. If you would like to join this waiting list, please fill in your details below, and we will inform you as machines become available.


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