• The Healing Power of Terahertz Frequencies

    We explore what Terahertz is, how it works and does it work??

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    Around a year ago my social feeds starting including posts from excited people about a Terahertz wand. As always I do greet all new seemingly miraculous devices with a healthy dose of sceptacism.


    I bought one anyway, because I do love a good frequency healing device, especially one that is so simple to use.


    I have had my Terahertz wand for just under a year now. I tend to use it for minor pains in my joints or on my children as they enjoy the feel of the moving air on their skin.


    My youngest gets occasional eczema flare ups and he finds it soothes the itching. My husband also uses daily as he also has an auto-immune condition and he also finds it helps with pain.


    Because my family generally has very little health issues it's difficult to know from my personal experience how this would work on chronic health conditions.


    So I decided to find out more about it to help you draw your own conclusions.

  • So, What is Terahertz?

    Terahertz (THz) refers to the electromagnetic frequency waves with frequencies ranging from 0.1 to 10 THz (or wavelengths from 30 to 3000 micrometers). They are located between microwave and infrared waves in the electromagnetic spectrum.


    It has been found that terahertz frequencies have the same level of resonance as the cells in our body. It can energise and activate cells to self repair, while eliminating dormant cells, allowing for complete cell renewal.


    In Japan, the frequency was originally found to protect our cells from harmful EMF (electro-magnetic frequencies).


    In recent times, the Terahertz research has been furthered in China, and it has since been found that it not only protects our cells from damaging EMF, but it has a whole host of ways that it benefits the cells in our body.


    These include:

    • DNA Repair
    • Increasing the self healing ability in the body
    • Maintaining a state of health and harmony in the body
    • Activating dormant cells
    • Eliminating unhealthy cells
    • Cleansing blood impurities
    • Clearing Meridians and Lymph
    • Activating and stimulating nerve endings
    • Regulating the endocrine glands
    • Removing excess body water - helps with weight loss
    • Removing toxins & harmful substances from the body
    • Regulating internal organs & the immune system
    • Replenishing the body with Yang Aura Energy
    • Repairing damaged cells & tissues

    I'm sure you'll agree it is a very impressive list!


    Does it really work?

    But I wanted to find out more and find equally impressive testimonials so I went in search of some Facebook groups to see what I could find. And I found too many testimonials to report on, but I took some screenshots of a few testimonials to share with you (names hidden to protect individuals).


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  • As you can see the testimonials are diverse from pain relief, to hair regrowth, stomach issues and veins and there were many more.


    How Does it Work?

    While I cannot claim to fully understand the technology, what I do know from my experience of working with a variety of frequency products is this: When the body is brought back into balance it can heal itself of any dis-ease.


    We are constantly bombarded with toxins, in the water, in the air, in our food etc. So when we start to support our bodies at a cellular level it can start to detox itself rapidly (known as the Herxheimer effect). Be warned a hasty detox can be fairly unpleasant and this is why caution and a slow start is recommended with the use of any frequency healing devices.


    If you do experience a Herxheimer effect, you may experience cold / flu like symptoms, pain or rashes becoming worse before it gets better and even hairloss.


    I myself experienced a heavy hair loss this past year, but I knew it was because my body was detoxing as I have changed a lot of my personal self care from diet to exercise and of course detoxing - it's growing back well and I'm not concerned.


    Whenever you experience unpleasant symptoms, please feel assured that this is your body claiming back it's equilibrium and helping you to heal.

    The good news is you will feel even better after a good detox. I know certainly I have renewed energy and a greater sense of wellness both physically and mentally.

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    The Terahertz Wand

    Anyway back to the terahertz device. This particular healing device combines a number of technologies using terahertz and quartz crystals (quartz has the unique ability to amplify other crystals making them more powerful) creating a scalar effect.


    Nikola Tesla is the Grandfather of of Scalar technology and although he did not originally develop it in his time, it was subsequently developed from his notebooks.


    This technology has been combined with a hot air blower (like a hair dryer) as it is believed that the heating of the body enhances the healing effect.


    The ancient Greek father of medicine Hippocrates said “If there is a way to heat the bones then all diseases can be treated”.


    The device certainly seems to penetrate as there are contraindications for those who have any kind of metal implants, so please be aware.

  • Terahertz Charged Water

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    The terahertz frequency has an impact of the molecular composition of water and creates what is known as "structured water". Water molecules tend to clump together, making the cellular uptake of water more difficult.

    Terahertz organises the structure from a clump into a string making water more easily absorbed by our cells. (See diagram).


    Terahertz water helps to detoxify and repair the cells in the body, maintaining a healthy equilibrium. The effect of which can make us feel rejuvenated and more energised.


    Because of the better absorption of water, you will notice you will need to pee less as there will be less waste water. You should also feel more energised as your cells will be properly hydrated.


    To create Terahertz water, you can "wand" the water for ten minutes or place a terahertz stone in glass of water or into a water filter, for an hour before drinking the water.

  • The Terahertz Hot Air Therapy Device

    My Personal Conclusion


    I have enjoyed using the Terahertz wand, it is simple to use and I do find it gives me pain relief and I also find it soothing and calming.

    The testimonials for it are impressive for more chronic conditions and it would certainly be complementary to any other health protocols.

    I think it's a great tool to have in your health armoury.


    I also love the stone and I have several in my water filter for the structured water, and also have a pendant in it.


    It is for this reason, I have sourced reasonably priced Terahertz devices and crystals and added them to my shop. I never sell anything I don't personally love or own myself. I beleive it is important to bring this technology to you at an affordable price. I have worked hard to find the right suppliers at the right quality and price.


    In addition, I have personally written user manuals with treatment protocols for all the frequency devices I sell, so you can get the best out of your device and know you are using it correctly.


    You can access the manuals here.


    If you would like to check out Terahertz items for yourself you can do that here: